Anne de Villeméjane

Anne de Villemejane is an established French artist, residing in New York. Her sculptures in Bronze, Crystal or cement, are exhibited in Galleries and major Art shows in the United States, Europe and middle East.

"Anne de Villemejane’s work explores femininity; she creates delicate, elongated, quiet women. Their poses are reflective, pensive, maybe pre-occupied even. The artist depicts women from the point of view of her inner life, as the works go beyond portraiture to reach the essence of womanhood” 
Dr Barbara Stehlé - Art historian 

SOLO Exhibitions
Mark Hachem gallery-Beirut, Lebanon (2013)
Mark Hachem Gallery-Paris, place des Vosges (2012)

Other Selected Exhibitions
Art 345 Studios -NYC- (2017)  The Other Art fair NYC- SaatchiArt (2017)  Art Market San Francisco-Michele Mariaud Gallery (2017)  Affordable Art Fair –Michele Mariaud Gallery-NYC- (2017)  Art Southampton-Gallery M (2016)  Art Palm beach-Mark Hachem Gallery (2016)  Art Southampton-Mark Hachem Gallery (2015)  Art Hamptons-Gallery M (2015)  Art Wynwood Miami –Mark Hachem Gallery (2015)  SOFA Chicago-Modus Gallery (2015)  Art Aspen – Gallery M (2014) Art Southampton –Mark Hachem Gallery (2014)  SCOPE New York –Mark Hachem Gallery (2014)  Art Miami –Mark Hachem Gallery (2014)   Art Wynwood –Mark Hachem gallery (2014)   Scope New york-Mark Hachem gallery (2013)   CAP Kuwait-Mark Hachem gallery (2013)   Art Palm beach-Vivendi gallery (2013)